Relationship & Marriage Counseling

Relationship Counseling

All relationships are unique, with their own complex challenges. As a relationship evolves it is not uncommon for couples to feel overwhelmed when trying to balance a healthy relationship with everyday life.

As priorities change, such as personal interests, work, children, family and friends, a relationship may suffer from breakdowns in:

  • communication or understanding
  • physical intimacy or affection
  • attention or interest
  • care or respect.

Marriage Counseling

Marital counseling is something we all know about, but hardly take the step to enroll in one. People find it embarrassing to seek help for a better-married life. Couples these days would rather file a divorce than take the help of a counselor and get marriage counseling in order to save their relationship.

I remember one such couple. The couple was married for nearly seven years and had a five-year-old son.

They had a love marriage, and initially, everything was like a fairytale for Priya and Aman. They were madly in love with each other and decided to turn their relationship into marriage.

However, by the fourth year of their marriage, a lot of conflicts started between them. The conflicts were so much that the love between them started turning into hatred.